PAST: INTIMATE at INQUA, Dublin, Ireland, 25-31st July 2019

The registration for INTIMATE INQUA session entitled "Integrating ice core marine and terrestrail rocords to understand climate variability on decadal to millenial timescales" is not open! For details on session visit and for details on registration see We hope to meet you all there!

PAST: INTIMATE at EGU, Vienna, Austria, 7-12th April 2019,

The registration for EGU INTIMATE session (CL1.14) entitled Diagnosing past climate mechanisms through the INTegration of Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial records is now opne! Do consider to submit your research abstract to this session, as it always draws a good crowd and excellent science. We are particularly keen to welcome submissions by Early Career Scientists, who always play such an important role in all our meetings and events. More details on the session and registration can be fund here:

PAST: INTIMATE EGU-Galileo Conference, Gniew, Poland, 27-31st August 2018

Reserve the date for the next INTIMATE conference, organized as a EGU Galileo conference "The anatomy of abrupt climate change: dissecting the palaeorecord to trace the mechanisms of climate variability" to be held in Gniew, Poland, on27-31st August 2018. Read more on: