The 3rd An INTIMATE Example Research Training School

Calling all graduate students and early stage researchers with an interest in palaeoenvironments, palaeoclimate and teleconnections across Europe and the North Atlantic for the 3rdAn INTIMATE Example Research Training School on 5-11th June 2016 in Stara Kiszewa, Poland.


The INTIMATE network aims to better understand the mechanisms and impact of climate change by bringing together scientists working to reconstruct and model palaeoclimate (60-8 ka BP) through the INTegration of Ice core, MArine, and TErrestrial palaeoclimate records. The 3rdAn INTIMATE Example training school will introduce and discuss the latest in palaeoclimate methods, centred around the peat and lake archives of Northern Poland.


Led by members of the INTIMATE community and focussed on research design, the summer school will address the methodological and intellectual challenges and opportunities brought by the investigation and comparison of archives from varied depositional environments (e.g. ice core, marine and terrestrial). Particular attention will be given to:

  • The challenges of correlating records across different depositional environments (ice, marine, terrestrial)
  • Approaches to constructing high precision chronologies for evaluation of rapid environmental changes
  • How to quantify palaeoecological proxy data to meaningful palaeoclimate parameters, with respect to palaeoclimate and ecosystem modelling communities
  • Investigations into palaeoecology and human impact: from observation to quantitative reconstruction
  • How to design a research project that contributes new data and ideas to the palaeo-community

Participants will learn from interactive discussions, special guest lectures, fieldwork (including coring from a platform) and laboratory activities. There may also be opportunities to collaborate in follow-on research with colleagues involved in the on-going research in Northern Poland. Ultimately, the experiences gained during the training school should provide you with tools to take the next step in your scientific career, enabling you to formulate research questions, design a research program and execute the analyses.

Location & focus

The training school will be centred around the site of Lake Głeboczek and the neighbouring peat bog (Northern Poland), which contain sediment records known to span the period from the Lateglacial until today. The school will be guided by experienced academics with expertise across palaeoecology, geology and chronology.


Applications are now invited for the An INTIMATE Example Research and Training School project. To apply, please send a (maximum) 2 page CV and statement of your motivation to by 28th April 2016.

The cost of registration is €250, which includes accommodation and meals during the training school. Costs of travel to the school should be covered by the participants, however a small number of bursaries to help with costs are available. If you would only be able to attend with financial support please state how much you would require in your application.

Organising team and more information

Michał Słowiński (Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences)
Achim Brauer (Helmholtz Centre, GFZ Potsdam)
Stefan Engels (University of Nottingham)
Mariusz Lamentowicz  (Poznań„ University)
Sune Olander Rasmussen (Centre for Ice and Climate, University of Copenhagen)
Christine Lane (University of Manchester)

For more information, contact us on:

Watch the 1st An INTIMATE Example mini documentary “More than mud” on YouTube.

The deadline for applications is 28th April 2016 – don’t be late!